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Eye For Recruitment is a dedicated recruitment consultancy who offers a unique flat-fee recruitment service to companies of all sizes within a variety of industries. We want to get to know about your whole business and team requirements and be the one place that you call for all of your permanent employee requirements.


We hope to form long term partnerships where we can work together in order to get the right people in place for you. We will get to know your business and recruitment needs in depth so that we can offer you the very best advice on how to meet your staffing needs. We have in depth interviews with our candidates to find out what they are looking for and to make sure that the two parts of the puzzle fit just right.


We have experienced consultants who are dedicated and keen to understand your business and who will look after you through the recruitment process from start to end and beyond! They will be able to advise you on the state of the market, skills availability, salary expectations, honest feedback on your requirements and the right methodology to recruit staff for the positions you need to fill, as well as keep in touch to hear how the new team member and the company is progressing into the future.


Why use Eye For Recruitment?


The simple answer is to save you money, time and stress!


Recruitment is quite involved and if it’s not where your expertise lies it can be very overwhelming and time consuming! 


By using Eye For Recruitment you can concentrate on what you do best and focus on your business knowing that our experienced consultants will look after your job specifications while keeping you up to date with the entire process.


Because it is what we do day in day out, we don’t get overwhelmed when we see over 300 applications come through for a position and will commence working on the position from the minute we receive it to find the best candidate for you!


Within the time frame that you would have had to set aside to spend some time looking through the applications, we could have already shortlisted a selection of suitable candidates who are ready to be interviewed.


We also use the strength of our database, our networks, extensive industry contacts and advertising reach to target that ‘perfect candidate’ that may have never seen a lonely advertisement posted directly by a company or weren’t actively looking in the market.


Our Flat Fee structure is highly competitive and isn’t reliant on the salary that you are offering to a prospective employee. We source people at all levels from juniors to high level executives within a variety of industries. It doesn’t phase us if the salary is $45,000 pa, $75,000 pa or $100,000 pa we just want to get the right person into the right job and we value all of our positions equally.


General advertising is included in our costs, as outlined in our T&C’s, so there are no hidden surprises.


Even though our fees are highly competitive and a fraction of what other Agencies charge, we still offer a Three Month Replacement Guarantee on all Permanent Placements while always maintaining a high standard of professional service.


Finally, but most importantly, is the strength of our Customer Service! We value Integrity, Honesty, Service and Good Old Fashioned Hard Work. We want to build long term relationships with our clients and be the name that comes to mind when someone asks you if you know of a decent Recruitment Agency at that next BBQ!


What We Offer


We offer a flat fee structure regardless of the salary or position you are looking to fill so that you know what your costs will be upfront from the get go and our terms are easy to read with no hidden surprises!


We are a local based company that understand the unique challenges of the WA market place and our staff have worked within, as well as with the Perth market themselves.


We offer the very best candidates that have been interviewed and run through our process prior to being shortlisted and sent through. 


We stay in touch with our candidates and also form long term relationships with them even once they have been employed as they are important to us and we know that people are what drive our business and our networks in order to get the right person for you!


We offer honest feedback to get most out of the process for all involved and have no need to sugar coat our conversations as we know your time is valuable and you prefer for a company to be upfront and honest rather then tell you what you want to hear.


We have refined our processes, targeted marketing and interview techniques to achieve the required results for our clients as well as our candidates.


We offer you a 3 month replacement guarantee on every permanent placement so that if for any reason if anything doesn’t work out we will run the Recruitment Process for you again. This is something that luckily is not often required; however it is nice to have this additional security.


We are often lucky enough to work exclusively with our Employers’ which is something we pride ourselves on and also assists Eye For Recruitment with getting high calibre candidates on board. 


Our KPI’s revolve around Client and Candidate retention and satisfaction. We put Customer Service first and we truly believe in our tag line of Integrity, Honesty and Service.



If you wish to discuss your recruitment needs further please call us on 08 9240 7276 or email

You can also fill out the following form and one of our friendly recruiters will contact you shortly to discuss your recruitment needs! 

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